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n, citing FINA statementChinese Swimming Association backs Sun Yang on defamation, citing FINA statement01-28-2019 0

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9:09 BJTBEIJING, Jan. 27  -- The Chinese Swimming Association ▓(CSA) said Sunday Sun Yang had no wrongdoings and

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did not▓ violate anti-doping rules when he took an out-of-▓competition urine test last September.CSA cited a f▓inal

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decision from the FINA Doping Panel, ▓saying "As a result, the sample collecti▓on session initiated by IDDM on September 4, 2018, is invalid and void," according to a statement▓ released on Sunday.Sun ha

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d rejected an out-of-competit▓ion doping test at his home in Zhejiang province on Septemb▓er 4, 2018, as doping testers from IDDM, the organisatio

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    n then authorized by FINA to conduct such ▓tests, had failed to show adequate proof of ide▓ntification.A dispute between S

un and the doping contr▓ol team was later referred to world swimming governing body FINA, who ruled in favor of Sun afte▓r a 13-hour hearing on January 3.In the

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report entitled "Oly▓mpic champion Sun Yang abuses drug testers", the Sunday▓ Times reported that Sun "faces a lifetime ban

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▓after a clash with doping testers ended in him and his security guard using a hammer to smash ▓a sealed vial containing the swimmer's bl▓ood."It added that Sun "objected to the identification c▓ard of the chaperone, there to observe him▓ passing urine, claiming it was insufficient proof he was an official member of the testi▓ng team."The CSA quoted FINA's decision as say▓ing, "Mr. Sun Yang did not commit an anti-doping▓ rule violation under FINA DC 2.3 or FINA DC 2.5" in the statement."After FINA called up an investigation▓ of the issue, CSA ordered Sun Yang to fully co-operate with FINA and truely report every de▓tails of the affair. According to the final de▓cision of the FINA Doping Panel, FINA confirms the athlete did not commit an anti-doping rule violation," CSA announced in the statement.Sun Yang, the world▓ record holder of men's 1,500m freestyle ▓and three-time Olympic champion, is considering filing a lawsuit agains

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